Application: Astrosmash 4000

February 4th, 2013

The year is 5190, and the human race has been colonizing eco-planets for almost a millennia now. You are a marine pilot tasked with defending the main colony dome on planet X-2189 from an onslaught of asteroids and bombs hurled at the planet by a hostile alien race.

For those of you who remember Astrosmash on the Intellivision game system, this is my homage to a game I played on that system for hours on end.

Astrosmash 4000 is my version of a reboot of that classic game.

The core of the game remains the same: blast as many rocks, bombs, alien ships, and guided bombs as you can. However, in this version the action is faster, the controls are more responsive, and you can purchase weapons and defensive systems with an array of upgrades that will protect you longer and deal more damage than ever before.


  • Highest score and highest level leaderboards
  • 26 achievements available to be unlocked
  • 8 upgrades available
  • In-app Help system
  • Pause and Resume (pickup exactly where you left off should you be interrupted)
  • Option to enable/disable music and sound effects
  • Universal App. Designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices
  • Retina Display enabled

Game controls

  • Use the Joystick to control the ship's movement. The farther from center the joystick the faster the ship moves. This allows for precise and responsive movement.
  • The Auto-Fire button will fire the ship's lasers as fast it can.
  • The Hyperspace button will jump your ship to a random spot on the game plane. This is your last line of defence for the guided bombs should you fail to shoot them down before they get below your firing line.
  • The Fire button allows you to manually control your ship's lasers.
  • The Pause button will stop all game play

Heads Up Display (HUD)

  • The Score indicator is your current score
  • The Dome Health bar gives you a visual representation of how much damage the dome has taken. When this is empty the game is over.
  • The Shield Level bar shows you how much damage the ship has taken. When this is empty your ship is destroyed. (This is only available if the Electro-Plasma Shield Upgrade is equipped).
  • The Number of Ships indicates howmany lives you have left. When you run out of ships the game is over.
  • The 2 Sentinel Health bars show how much damage the Sentinel Cannons have taken. When this is empty the cannon is destroyed. (These are only available if you equip one or two Sentinel Cannon Upgrades).
  • The Level indicator is the current level you are on


Rocks - come in big and small sizes, will destroy an unshielded ship and causes small to moderate damage to the dome, a shielded ship can withstand 1 to 3 hits.

Bombs - come in big and small sizes, will destroy your ship on contact and does medium to large damage to the dome.

Alien Bomber - drops bombs on the dome and ship, will destroy your ship on contace and does moderate damage to the dome.

Alien Bomb - the bombs that the above mentioned ship drops

Guided Bomb - a bomb that tracks your ship, will destroy your ship on contact, the only way to avoid this after it drops below your firing line is a little luck and the hyperspace button.x


  • Tri-Gunner - adds an additional 2 lasers to your ship (for a total of 3) increasing your ship's firepower
  • Five Finger Death Punch - 5 total lasers makes this ship upgrade the ultimate offensive weapon (requires Tri-Gunner upgrade)
  • Sentinel Laser Turrets - automated laser turrets positioned on the left or right of the dome that target and destroy any threat to the dome or your ship
  • Electro-Plasma Shield - a shield module for your ship that absorbs some damage from asteroid impacts prolonging the life of your ship
  • Shield Regen Module - a module fitted to your ship that continuously regenerates the shield (required Electro-Plasma Shield upgrade)
  • Dome Repair Bots - 2 or 5 automated robots that seek out and repair damage to the dome

Game Over

The game ends when either the Dome is destroyed, or you run out of lives