Application: Discountulator

November 7th, 2011

A handy utility to quickly and easily calculate the price of an item based on the percent the retailer has discounted the item.




  • Up to 2 discounts can be calculated on any given price
  • Save discount calculations for later
  • Quick and intuitive interface

Main Screen

  • Enter the original item price in the Price field
  • Enter up to two discounts by tapping on either of the Discount 1 or Discount 2 fields, and selecting a discount from the scrollable Discount Selector
  • The discounted item price after applying one or both of the discounts appears in the Total field
  • You can clear all of the fields by tapping on the Clr button
  • You can save this calculation by tapping on the Save button
  • The Backspace button will clear the last entered digit in the Price field




Saved Screen

This screen displays your saved discount calculations.

  • The Clear All button will delete all of the saved calculations.
  • The Edit button will allow you to delete specific calculations.
  • You can also delete individual saved calculations by swiping from left to right across the row which you would like to delete. This will present a Delete button for that calculation to confirm the deletion.