Application: Memory Matcher

February 17th, 2012

A fun educational game for toddlers and pre-school aged children to help develop memory and cognitive skills while reinforcing learning of letters (both upper case and lower case), numbers, and shapes.

Best-of all the app is FREE.



  • Shapes
  • Upper Case Letters (optional with in-app purchase)
  • Lower Case Letters (optional with in-app purchase)
  • Numbers (optional with in-app purchase)
  • High Scores
  • Best Times
  • Progress Indicator
  • Large Buttons for Tiny Fingers
  • Universal App. Designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices
  • Retina Display enabled


Match all of the times in the shortest amount of time with the fewest number of mis-matches.

Menu Screen

Tap on one of the game types (Shapes, Upper Case Letters, Lower Case Letters, Numbers) to start a game. The large buttons, and the icons representing each game type make it easy for the little ones to start the game with no help.

Game Screen

  • Tap on the unmatched tile to flip it over
  • When a tile is flipped, it reveals the shape, letter, or number underneath it while the name of the tile is spoken
  • If no match is made after two consecutive flips, the tiles will flip back
  • Matched tiiles will "jingle" when a match is mate and remain flipped over and highlighted
  • Each successful match is tracked in the progress meter at the top of the screen
  • Your current sore and the current game play time is displayed at the bottom of the screen

Completing a Game

When a game is completed, the "Win" screen is presented, showing your current score, and time. If you beat either the high score, or best time, a "stamp" will appear indicating such. Should you not beat one or either of these, congratulatory stamps will appear instead.

Again, large buttons allow the selection of a new game easily.

Available Stamps

Below are the list of congratulatory stamps that will encourage your child to continue playing and learning.