Application: Moon Base: 123s

October 26th, 2011

Help save the moon base by collecting the falling energy spheres where the number matches the target.

A fun educational game for toddlers to start to learn or reinforce spoken and written numbers.

Your child will associate the number, as spoken by a friendly robot voice, to the written number in the target and on the energy spheres.


  • Two modes of play: Basic and Advanced
  • Configurable ranges of numbers from 0 to 100 to adapt/expand your child's skill level
  • Auto Save( if you stop in the middle of a game, you can pick up right where you left off)
  • Sound Enable/Disable
  • Pause
  • Universal App. Designed for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices
  • Retina Display enabled


Tap the falling sphere that contains the target number. Each successful "capture" fills up the energy reservoir, and add to your score. Incorrect answers, will subract from your score (but not reduce the amount of energy collected. When the energy reservoir completely fills up, you win.

Two Modes of Play

  • Basic - the target number is spoken and appears in the target window in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This mode is ideal for children who are not yet familiar with their numbers.
  • Advanced - the number is only spoken and does not appear in the target window. This mode is for when your child can recognize the numbers by sight but needs practice identifying the spoken name of the number with the written number.

The Game Screen

  • Tap the Menu button to pause the game and return the the Main Menu
  • The Target shows which numbered Energy Sphere is needed next (only in the Basic Play Mode)
  • The Energy Spheres will continuously fall faster and faster as the game progresses
  • Every successful capture of an Energy Sphere increases your Score, and fills the Energy Reservoir
  • Every unsuccessful capture results in the Energy Sphere exploding and your score decreasing
  • When the Energy Reservoir fills up, you win


The Main Menu Screen

  • Tap on Help to bring up the help system
  • Tap on Options to bring up the options screen
  • Tap on Play to start a new game
  • Tap on Resume to continue a game (will only appear if a game was in progress)


The Options Screen

  • The Mode Switch is used to switch between the two modes of play (Basic or Advanced)
  • The Music Switch is used to enable or disable the background music
  • The Sound Effects Switch is used to enable or disable the sound effects in the application (Note: this setting does not affect the voice aspect of the game)
  • The Number Range Selector allows you to pick the range of numbers that will be used in the game.