Application: Strip Cards

March 9th, 2012

Portable digital version of the scratch-off sports strip cards everyone uses on the Super Bowl and other sporting events.

Why spend $20 for 100 of these cards when you can get a virtually unlimited supply of them, that you will always have with you for a fraction of that cost?

Never be at a Super Bowl (or other sporting event) party again and realize that no one remembered to bring the scratch off strip cards. With this app you will always have them at the ready.


  • virtually unlimited number of cards
  • integrated with your contacts list for easy player addition
  • search cards by event name
  • email card to all players
  • email card to single player
  • edit card from detail view
  • automatically determines and displays/highlights winner once scores are entered
  • delete and reorder cards from master view
  • no cheating
  • can only reveal numbers once all players supplied
  • can't change players once numbers are revealed
  • can't email card until numbers are revealed

How to use the app

Creating a new card

From the main screen tap the "+" button in the top right corner.

You will be presented with a new screen allowing you to enter the details of the event for this card. The following fields are presented:

  • Title (required)
  • Date (required - automatically sets current date on creation)
  • Team Names (optional)
  • Score (optional)

Editing the Lines

After creating a new card, or after tapping on an existing card on the main screen, you will be presented with the card screen which displays the players on each line.

Tap a line to add a player to an empty line, or edit an existing player. You will be presented with a screen allowing you to edit the player for this line.

You can manually enter the Player's name, and optionally their email address. Or you can choose a contact from your address book by tapping on the "Contacts" button.

Revealing the numbers

Once all of the players have been entered for a card, you can reveal the randomly generated numbers for the card. Tap on the Gear icon to present the action menu. Tap on the "Reveal Numbers" button to reveal the player's numbers.

NOTE: You will not be able to reveal the numbers until all player lines have at least a player name entered into them. Additionally, once you reveal the numbers you can no longer change the names of the players, however you can modify the email addresses of the players.

Entering the score to automatically determine the winner

To have the app determine the winner you must enter the scores into the Edit Card Screen. To enter the scores, tap the Gear icon to present the action menu. Tap on the "Edit Card" button to be presented with the Edit Card screen. Enter the scores and tap done.

This will highlight the winner (so long as the numbers have been revealed), present the name of the winner in the header area of the card, as well as display the winner in the main screen on the row for this card.


Email the card to the players

At anytime you can email a image of the card in its current state to the players who have email addresses. Tap the Gear icon to reveal the action menu, and tap the "Email Card" button. This will present you with a standard email screen with the player's email addresses pre filled out, and an image of the card as the body.

You can additionally email the card to an individual player from the "Edit Line" screen. There is an Email button on the bottom right of that screen that will email the card to only this player.

Deleting or moving cards

To delete a card, from the main screen, you can either tap the "Edit" button and then tap the delete icon for the card you wish to delete. Then confirm the delete by tapping on the "Delete" button that appears for that card.

Alternately, you can swipe from left to right on the row of the card you wish to delete then confirm this by clicking on the "Delete" button that appears.

To re-arrange cards, from the main screen, tap the "Edit" button and then drag the move icon of the card you wish to move to its new location.